A new survey has revealed that over half of UK shoppers will allow retailers to collect and use their consumer data if it means they can save money. 

The research, carried out by retail shopping app Ubamarket, found that 52% of people in Britain (almost 24 million people) were willing to share their consumer data if money saving opportunities were attached to it – with this figure increasing to 60% for millenials. 

“If traditional retailers can implement technology that provides more insightful data on the shopping habits of their consumers, and allows them to enjoy a hyper-personalised shopping experience with easy access to money saving opportunities, there is huge potential for long-term success and growth,” explains Ubamarket.

Will Broome, CEO and founder of Ubamarket, said: “Our research clearly shows that a huge portion of consumers see personalised shopping and easy access to offers and loyalty benefits as key elements of their shopping experience. 

“Technology gives shoppers a reason to get up off the couch and feel excited to shop in-person again, and at Ubamarket, we are committed to providing this technology to help traditional retailers not only survive, but thrive.”