Regatta Group has officially launched its new headquarters, which houses an impressive showroom displaying all the Regatta Professional brands, and you’re invited

The Images team spends a lot of time visiting readers and brands, and so it’s with some authority that we can say that, after a while, one out-of-town industrial estate tends to merge into another. And then there is Regatta’s new building in Trafford Park, Manchester. Wooden-clad, huge, with high ceilings and inspiring pictures of the great outdoors – where Regatta’s clothes are most at home – it leaves you wondering whether you’ve taken a wrong turn.

The company’s new headquarters, known as Basecamp, allows the group to display its three outdoor brands – Regatta Professional, Craghoppers and Dare2b – under one roof. Previously a warehouse, the light and airy building now houses 350 staff, although it’s hard to imagine so many people working in the building, given the calm, bright space. The main area is open plan with a Starbucks and canteen in the middle, while nearer the reception – an expansive atrium with light tubes hanging down like an art installation – is a corridor of meeting rooms, all named after well-known walking destinations for the more adventurous, such as Yosemite, Snowdonia and Serengeti.

One of the aims of the £10 million project, which kicked off in 2013 and was finished last year, with the official opening planned for later this year, was to allow the individual Regatta Group brands to be displayed to customers.

The light and spacious work area

The Regatta Professional range is housed in its own branded showroom upstairs, which the company says gives distributors the ideal place to meet their customers and allow them to get a feel for all of the many Regatta Professional garments that are now available.

“With the introduction of the new Professional showroom within the Basecamp development we now benefit from having all our specialised expertise under one roof,” explains Keith Browning, sales director for Regatta Professional. “Never before has it been so easy for each Regatta department, across the brands, to work in unison – sharing design, fabric, technology, market trends and synergies along with key sourcing information to ensure our offer to the garment decorator market will be stronger than ever before.

“This has already been proven with the introduction of our new Print Perfect Softshell [see the Just perfect box out]. We also now provide a Regatta Professional decoration guide for decorators that use our product, giving them a full breakdown of what decoration is possible for all garments within our range. Developments like these would have been a lot harder without the ease of communication, interaction and input from our category management, procurement, design, marketing and sales teams.”

Keith emphasises that new developments from the brand will increase in number thanks to the newfound ease of interaction between the teams. He is also keen for garment decorators to use the showroom as a place to meet with their customers, with the canteen also available for their use.

The Hardwear section of the showroom

Relaxing in the canteen

Keith hopes that decorators’ input will also have an impact on the brand’s developments. “In essence the new showroom brings the decorators, their customers and the market itself directly into the Regatta Professional development process: a collective team which has the ability to develop, adapt, create and shape the landscape of garments supplied to this market place in the future,” he adds. “We have created a fantastic setting for our distributors to come in and truly experience the wealth of diverse and innovative garments that now span our entire product offer.”

According to Keith, 2016/17 is set to be a landmark period for Regatta Professional with the introduction of the Activewear range in January 2017 as well as further developments and product expansion in the Standout, Hardwear, Classics and Xpro lines.

“Combine this with our amazing new marketing story across all the brands, and there has not been a better time for us to introduce this outstanding new facility and show the market what we have to offer. We all look forward to welcoming our distributors to this remarkable new showroom for years to come,” concludes Keith.

The Regatta Professional showroom at Basecamp is now officially open

Just Perfect

New from Regatta this October is the Print Perfect Softshell for men and women – a garment which the company says offers superior printing qualities. “We have had the new garment tested by an independent printer who confirmed that the product is ideal for screen, transfer and vinyl printing as it is made from 100% mechanical stretch polyester and elastane-free,” Regatta advises.