Italian textile chemical company Officina+39, which invented Recycrom, colour powders made from 100% textile waste, has said that the product is now set to rapidly scale.

The dye, which won the Keyhouse Hightex Award at Munich Fabric Start 2017, is made by recycling textile fibres from used clothing and manufacturing waste. A patented process is used to upcycle the fibres into a uniform, solid powder that can be used as a pigment dye for fabrics and garments made of cotton, wool, nylon or any natural and most artificial fibres and blends, reports the company. It added: “The colours come out with a washed-out and natural look, making it very on-trend. Brands can also collaborate with the inventors Officina+39 to make custom dyes from their own scraps and textile waste.”

Currently the company is talking to many other interested brands and retailers for a range of collaborations and the story behind the product’s development is also featured in the newly released Book of Denim, Volume 2 (Amsterdam Publishing Int, 2018).