Hospitality textile designer and manufacturer Camira has launched a new version of its 100% recycled polyester fabric, X2, made with more textile-to-textile waste.

The amount of textile-to-textile waste in the fabric, originally introduced in 2012, has been “significantly” increased to 25%, with the rest coming from post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

The textile-to-textile waste now includes not only Camira’s own manufacturing process waste but also pre-consumer and post-consumer used textiles from the clothing and sports apparel industries.

Lynn Kingdon, head of creative at Camira, said: “X2 was Camira’s first 100% recycled textile to include closed-loop post-industrial content from its own textile yarn remnants and selvedges.

“Twelve years ago, there was nothing like X2 on the market. In 2024 our product, design and operations teams have worked really hard to be able to make an even greater material difference. So the new X2 is textile-to-textile, bottle to textile, trash to trailblazer.”

The black base yarn in X2, composed of textile-to-textile waste, creates a textured grey mélange effect, reminiscent of high-end wool. Suitable for soft furnishings in hospitality and commercial settings, the fabric comes in 33 colourways with 14 new shades.