Ever wondered which garments and accessories your fellow industry professionals prefer? Each issue, one reader tells us why they rate a particular style

This month, Mikee Parker, owner of VinoSangre, explains why his favourite T-shirt to decorate comes from a new brand called No Sweat.

“It’s a grassroots campaign group that shows that it’s possible to produce ethical T-shirts that put workers’ rights at the forefront,” says Mikee. “They’re made in a workers co-op in Bangladesh run by former sweatshop workers, and the profits are being used to support trade unions that fight for sweatshop workers rights and a living wage. It runs closely with our outlook and ethics.”

VinoSangre specialises in eco-friendly screen printing and Mikee believes that sustainability is becoming increasingly important to decorators and customers. He says: “In the last year or so we’ve noticed a shift in clients looking for a more sustainable and ethical shirt. A lot of bands have started to print on them as, like us, it goes hand-in-hand with their ethics and they are happy to pay a little bit more for that peace of mind.”

As an added bonus, Mikee says that these shirts are better quality than many others on the market. He says, “They are a really nice quality. They fit, print and wash really well, and they are brilliant for discharge printing.”


Mikee says No Sweat T-shirts are brilliant for discharge printing

No Sweat supports workers’ rights