Want to know what your industry colleagues really think of the clothes and accessories they decorate? Each issue, one reader tells us why they rate a particular garment

This month, Jason Gould of Somerset Contract Print Services explains why his current favourite garment to print is the Men’s Staple Tee (5001) from AS Colour.

Jason reports that the T-shirt has proved extremely popular with his customers, adding that the mid-price range garment comes in a range of fashionable colours and that “stock levels are always brilliant”.

“We have had huge interest from the music and fashion clients for this product, hence why I’m banging on about it,” he comments. “The 5001 has a great overall shape, and the fit seems consistent throughout large volumes. Huge positives are its super-soft feel and no fibrillation.

“It washes really well, keeping its shape and, more importantly, its print quality. On drying, the T-shirt again keeps its shape, and the label doesn’t distort.”

When printing with plastisol inks, Jason notes that the 5001 “glues well to the boards, settles nicely under heat and the ink lays really well”.

He says that when printing the 5001 with discharge inks “the coverage is amazing, but the colour is not as vibrant as we would like and opacity isn’t as punchy as some other brands. However, AS Colour is working with us to improve these minor issues.”

His tip for garment decorators using discharge inks with the 5001? Use lower than normal mesh counts.


The 5001 has generated “huge interest” amongst Jason’s customers in the music and fashion industry

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