We ask an Images reader to name the clothes or accessories they most like to decorate and why they rate a particular style

This month, Gill Thomas of St Mawgan Embroidery Company in Cornwall explains why she rates the HydraPlus 2000 Jacket from Russell. “I am a big fan of Russell products and always recommend this brand to my clients that are looking for corporate branded clothing.

“This jacket is available for men and women from XS to 4XL, the shape and styling is smart and is ideal for those in a customer-facing job who might be in and out of a car and an office all day. It is distributed by most UK workwear suppliers so I have never had any difficulty with supply. And it has embroidery access zips in the lining. 

“It is made from nylon taslan with PU coating. The fabric is soft, breathable and easy to wear but it is densely woven and has what feels like a rubberised coating on the back. A great fabric for outdoorwear, but it really presented some challenges to embroider. The biggest challenge was to stop the thread from shredding. I asked a couple of experts in the industry for advice and with some trial and error I managed to create a really successful embroidered product that I will definitely continue to recommend.

“When embroidering on this type of fabric I will always do the following:

  • Use a light coating of clear silicon spray on the tear-away backing.
  • Use viscose thread (I expected polyester thread to work better, but it doesn’t)
  • Use the needle Gebedur RG 80/12 DB XK5 SAN1
  • Reduce the sewing speed to approximately 500 stitches per minute Create a design that is slightly lighter, not too dense and avoid small stitches