Ever wondered which garments and accessories industry professionals prefer? Each issue, one reader tells us why they rate a particular style

This month, Will Peterson, director of Monster Press, explains that he has two favourite T-shirts: one to print, and one to wear.

“Our favourite garments to print are EarthPositive Classic Tees (EP01),” says Will. “They seem to be the best and most reliable shirts when printing discharge and water-based inks. They also give great results when printing high detail and simulated process prints. The only issue is that stock can be unreliable in the UK.”

Marjusz Stochaj, head of product and sustainability at Continental Clothing, which produces the EarthPositive line, concedes that there have been some stock issues, but says that these have now been rectified. He told Images: “We did experience periods of overwhelming demand for the EarthPositive jersey T-shirts, especially the EP01, EP02, EP16, EP18, EP100. We’ve responded by commissioning additional units at our Green Factory in India, which is already operational, and stock levels are being rebuilt and increased.”

Will is also a fan of the Stanley/Stella Creator (STTU755) shirts. “These are probably our favourite T-shirts to wear. They’re a good weight, fit well and feel great. The only reason they aren’t our number one T-shirt is they can be unreliable with discharge ink, although I believe they’re sorting this.”

Images contacted Stanley/Stella to ask about this and Tereze Ungerman, product development and quality manager, told us: “At Stanley/Stella we are committed to providing the highest quality premium sustainable garments for printing. We work very closely with all our partners to identify and address any issues. We are indeed currently examining the question of discharge ink and its reaction on our fabrics with both our suppliers and our printing partners.”

Will believes that both of these T-shirts appeal to a customer who is happy to pay a little more for a quality T-shirt. He says: “Typically, in our market, we see fashion-conscious small businesses and brands going for these T-shirts. As both are PETA approved and made from organic cotton, they also suit clients who are more environmentally conscious.”