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Zsolt Petrik rates the Heavy Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt from EarthPositive

This month, Zsolt Petrik, managing director of Fifth Column, reports that his favourite garment is the organic cotton Heavy Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt (EP18L) from Continental Clothing’s EarthPositive range.

Zsolt says: “We’ve been using EarthPositive garments since Continental launched them over a decade ago and the whole range has been very popular with our clients ever since. These EP18L long sleeve tees are the perfect fit. The weight is 190gsm, which works really well, and they have cuffs, which is a must these days.”

As an ethical decorator, Zsolt appreciates the fact that EarthPositive garments are made from certified organic cotton. He says: “The manufacturing facilities are approved by the Fair Wear Foundation and EarthPositive is also climate neutral, which is something that’s important to us.”

As an added bonus, the EP18L is easy to work with. “The cuffs aren’t too tight so loading/off-loading when printing is no trouble,” says Zsolt. “They come with a small size tag inside the neck, so adding a neck print is easy too. Larger, non-tear-away neck labels can get in the way, so this is a massive time saver. Unlike other organic cotton garments, these work really well with water-based discharge inks. We’ve just finished a print run of over 250 of these with discharge inks and the colour was consistent through the lot, which is amazing!”


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