This month, Kerri Jamieson, owner of Warrah Workshop on the Falkland Islands, explains why her favourite garment to embroider is the Classic Softshell Jacket (R121M) from Result Clothing

The Classic Softshell Jacket from Result proved popular with Kerri’s local customer, Sulivan Shipping Services

Kerri started stocking the softshell a few years ago, initially in black only due to the limited storage space in her premises.

“The turnover has soared in the last two years, though, and we’re now expanding the colour range,” she adds.

“The R121M shows off embroidered logos very well, and in particular I like the open framing, which saves a lot of fiddling with embroidery access.

“It also washes well, and is an ideal lightweight summer jacket for our rather windy climate.”

The R121M has broad appeal and has proved popular with a wide range of Warrah Worskshop’s customers, Kerri explains.

“We’re selling them to just about every market there is in the islands: aviation and civil service, the hospital, fishing and shipping companies, retail, tourism and childcare. They are very popular; we literally can’t keep them on the shelves.”