Clothing distributor Ralawise is improving the health and wellbeing of its staff through a step challenge linked to incentives.

Throughout June, it has set its desk-based employees the challenge of increasing their step count during the working day, before they start work, when they take their lunch break or in the evening.

To encourage them to take part, Ralawise has teamed up with clothing brand Just Cool by AWDis to offer incentives, with prizes available for the most steps walked each day, the most steps walked in total and for the best photograph taken while out on a walk.

The challenge came about to help both office-based and home-based staff to walk their way to a happier and healthier self. Walking can have an incredible impact on both general and mental health.

Ralawise believes that giving staff the boost to get outdoors will “help clear their minds and refocus, enabling a more productive and positive working day”.

Staff say they have loved taking part in the challenge. UK sales manager Dawn Cleverley said: “Since working from home, I have found my concentration has massively improved if I exercise before I start my working day.”