These glorious rainbow sunglasses made a joyful appearance along with the start of the first truly sunny days in June. They were created by Paul
MacNamee of Embroidery Training, as he explains.

“Going back to the mid 90s I would digitise every day as the main part of my job, but like most people’s careers, things change over the years. My time is now generally spent installing machines and software so it’s easy to lose your edge in those core industry skills.

“As an authorised training provider for Wilcom and co-host of the Madeira training courses, I need to keep fluent with digitising techniques and knowledge. I’ve started to create a new digitised design every week or so that is something relevant and topical if possible. Not only does this help me keep my digitising skills honed, but it also showcases the capabilities of Wilcom software, HappyJapan embroidery machines and Madeira’s vast range of threads.

“With Pride month being such an important event this June, it seemed an ideal topic, along with the fact we finally had some glimpse of summer! The highlight of this design is the wonderful rainbow logo that lends itself perfectly to embroidery, and the rims of the glasses meant that I could showcase 3D foam and how it can bring depth to a design.

“The design is just under 9,000 stitches and was digitised using Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Designing e4.5 with ‘Shading and Open Fills Element’. Accordion spacing function allows a smooth transition of stitch density, in this case 0.4mm on the left side of the rainbow up to 1.4mm on the right. Madeira Polyneon 40s thread was used for the rainbow stripes with FS Metallic silver used as a base layer under the rainbow, giving the reflective glass appearance. Madeira black Bodybuilder Hard Foam was used for the 3D effect on the rims. Finally, the design was embroidered on the new generation HappyJapan HCS3-1201 in a little over nine minutes.

“Feedback on the design has been fantastic, especially via Instagram: I’ve had quite a few enquiries asking how to recreate these sort of eye-catching effects!”