This intricate design was embroidered onto sweatshirts and printed onto T-shirts by S & F Printwear And Promotion in Chatham for Quest, an outdoor adventure app

Quest ordered three sweatshirts and six T-shirts for an exhibition at the Birmingham NEC, explained Stacey Marks, owner of S & F Printwear And Promotion. 

Brand Digitising Limited in Gosport designed the artwork, with the detailed logo totalling 13,229 stitches with 14 different colour changes, added Stacey.

“The feedback from my customers, and on social media has been phenomenal.”

S & F Printwear And Promotion embroidered the sweatshirts using Madeira threads on its Tajima four-head embroidery machine. The company decorated the Men’s Authentic Sweat Jacket (267M) and the Men’s Slim T (155m) from Russell Europe.

S & F Printwear And Promotion decorated the Authentic Sweat Jacket and Slim T from Russell Europe