Quality Print Services (QPS) has announced the launch of a new ink refill solution for Brother GT-3 Series of direct-to-garment printers.

Said by QPS to be “fully compatible with Brother GT-3 inks”, the refills are available in cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white, with pre-treatments available for light and dark fabrics. The refill packs contain 380ml of OEM-matched DTG pigment ink, and have been designed to fit into empty GT-3 cartridges.

The refills are said to be ideal for bold and colourful applications such as T-shirts, caps, tote bags, towels and shoes, offering “vibrant colours, excellent washability and reliable safety, even on children’s clothes”, reports QPS.

Chris Bailey, managing director of QPS, said: “We’re delighted to announce the availability of these new inks for Brother GT-3 DTG printers. Because they are refill products, there is no need to dispose of the existing hard plastic cartridge – existing cartridges can be reused – thereby making them a more environmentally-friendly solution.”

Brother marketing manager Folker Stachetzki provided a response from the manufacturer on the usage of third party inks. He said: “Due to the fact that our inks were specially developed for our printer, we can neither guarantee the washability nor the eco-friendliness of non-Brother inks.In addition, and this is the most critical point, our warranty expires because we cannot ensure if the third party ink damages or clogs the print heads, or harms the printer in any way.”

Chris of QPS stated: “In general, non-OEM ink will normally invalidate the manufacturer’s initial 12-month warranty. Once the initial warranty has expired, the end user is free to use whichever consumables they chose – and normally at a reduced cost.

“In the extremely unlikely case that the ink could be demonstrated to have damaged the printer, then the ink manufacturer will contribute to the repair. This is the standard ink warranty used by most reputable ink manufacturers.”