New Pyramid Black 6

Pyramid Textiles has announced two new products: Pyramid Black 6 and Pyramid Soft White Discharge.

Since it started out just over five years ago, the company has always insisted that it “will only promote a product into the market after extensive R&D that meets specific technical parameters”. It acknowledges that while service and price are important factors, what printers are ultimately looking for is product performance and batch consistency. With this in mind, Pyramid has been developing its own products, including the new Pyramid Black 6 black ink. This has been formulated with two specific technical properties in mind: firstly, the jetness of colour. “No matter how good the product performs, if the end customer doesn’t like the look of it then they won’t buy it,” confirms Pyramid.

Secondly, the ink’s anti-fibrillation properties. “We all have experience of a print that looks nice and dark initially, but, after one wash, the fibres shine through the print, making the black appear grey. With a unique raw material selection and a new manufacturing technique, Black 6 leads the industry in both of these technical properties,” Pyramid explains.

The second new product, Pyramid Soft White Discharge has taken more than three years to formulate; however, the end result is a discharge system that uses a maximum of 3% activator, (unlike the 6% some other discharge inks systems use), and once activated it will last for several weeks and still give a nice soft print and a reasonable whiteness. Pyramid adds, “A number of customers use this product without activator at all, thus not only lowering the cost of the ink but giving the ultimate in softness of print when used with plastisol inks printed over the top.”