These brilliant T-shirts were printed by BJUM Studio in Brighton for Puzzle Bored, a neurodiverse-friendly cafe and puzzle space in the North Laine in Brighton

Mark and Denise Carter, the owners of Puzzle Bored, were looking for a short run of 10 branded T-shirts to kit out themselves and later on, in an extension of the run, for new staff starters, explained Ben Mobbs, owner of BJUM Studio.

“The original pooch in sunglasses (or perhaps goggles!) design was created by local artist Bobby Dazzler, as are all of Puzzle Bored’s puzzles, with each commissioned by different artists it was important [to us] to retain the hand-drawn appearance of the line art.”

BJUM Studio decorated the Rocker T-Shirts (STTU758) from Stanley/Stella in French navy, which were supplied by Ralawise, with the pooch design printed on the centre chest and the Puzzle Bored logo printed on the left sleeve. 

The artwork was prepared in Adobe Illustrator, which has a great plug-in from Graphtec GB for sending vector data straight to its Graphtec CE6000-40 plotter, explained Ben.  

The T-shirts were then printed using Dae Ha UK’s One Flex PU heat transfer vinyl in white, plus a Stahls’ Hotronix Maxx heat press. 

BJUM Studio printed Stanley/Stella's Rocker T-Shirt

BJUM Studio printed Stanley/Stella’s Rocker T-Shirt

“The [One Flex] film weeds beautifully, whilst holding even the smallest details,” said Ben.  

“We’ve cut and weeded some truly surprising details just look at the under 3mm high letters for the Puzzle Bored URL!

“As an added bonus, we can also plot the tiniest strips of offcuts into neck labels, or even full left-chest or sleeve designs in fact, this is exactly what happened for Puzzle Bored, meaning there’s virtually no unused areas of the film!”

Mark and Denise were so pleased with the first batch, added Ben, that we’ve just printed 24 more T-shirts in different colours for sale in the cafe area at Puzzle Bored. 

“We selected white (with an inverted design), black, and the dark heather indigo blend from Stanley/Stella to differentiate from the official staff T-shirts. Next we’re printing some tote bags in full-colour with DTG or DTF, and so there’s great potential to work with the other artists!”

[L-R] Mark and Denise Carter, owners of Puzzle Bored

[L-R] Mark and Denise Carter of Puzzle Bored

[L-R] Mark and Denise Carter, owners of Puzzle Bored

Ben continues: “We were delighted to receive photos from Mark and Denise sporting their T-shirts, as well as feedback from the staff that they were comfortable and fit perfectly.

“They’ve done a great thing by accommodating more broadly the diverse needs of their community, by providing a quiet and relaxing space to focus on their brain-boosting puzzles or to simply relax alongside a lovely cake or tea infusion. 

“And bearing in mind BJUM was essentially created to empower a disabled person and focus on their strengths, this was such a delight to see, and we couldn’t have asked for nicer people to provide with uniforms and merch!”