Spiro introduces a new cross-selling opportunity for decorators

Spiro has launched its new Compression range and along with a host of new sales opportunities for garment decorators. The new range comprises three products: the Calf Sleeve (S290X), Arm Sleeve (S291X) and Quad Sleeve (S292X).

“Spiro China is a fast growing brand for fitness and, in particular, running. Having been co-sponsors of both the gruelling Gobi Desert marathon and the city-based Shanghai marathon, we were aware products such as compression sleeves for quad, calf and arm support are essential kit components for endurance competitions such as these,” says David Sanders-Smith, Result Clothing and Spiro’s managing director.

The CEO of Spiro China, Echo Lui, a marathon runner, made a study of the market and what was needed, and then sourced the best available materials for the range. “This inspired us to develop a compression range that would help athletes taking part in all types of fitness activity, not only in the endurance field. Made from super soft, quick-dry fabric, these breathable garments offer graduated compression with their high density construction preventing stiffness, cramp, muscle fatigue and micro muscle injuries. Offering 360° compression around the calf, arm and quads, these new styles absorb shockwave effects on muscles, veins and joints for a more comfortable workout experience,” David advises.

The three new products in close-up (l to r) – Calf Sleeve, Arm Sleeve and Quad Sleeve

The Quad Sleeve includes a silicon leg grip, while all three products feature a seamless knit along with a shaped-to-fit design that supports the body’s natural angles. They are easy to pull on and off, are made from a thin, lightweight material that maximises heat emission, and can be used during air travel to improve blood flow, which opens up yet more markets to target, especially as they can easily be worn under normal clothes.

The Quad and Arm Sleeves come in black, and the Calf Sleeve comes in black/grey, orange/grey and pink/grey. A red colourway will be added to the Arm Sleeve and Calf Sleeve in early Spring.

Decoration advice

Gary Layzell, Spiro’s print specialist, suggests that as the garments are relatively small, cylindrical and extremely flexible, decorators avoid direct screen print and embroidery and instead opt for transfer printing.

“All the compression sleeves come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different body parts: calf, quad and arm,” explains Gary. “Therefore each product will have a slightly different maximum print area. However, as a rule of thumb most people will decorate the contrast cuffs or run a design along the middle of the sleeve. Prints of this type will usually be no more than about 70 x 20 mm on the cuff and maybe 150 x 50 mm along the sleeve. An all-over print could prove difficult as this tends to be done to garments before manufacture while the fabrics are still in panel or roll form. It could, however, be ‘simulated’ to some degree with clever placement of transfers.

The Arm Sleeve and Quad Sleeve

The Calf Sleeve

“The choice of inks and vinyls is important. The sleeves will be stretched quite considerably when worn and there is a danger of the transfer cracking if it’s not flexible enough. With screen printed transfers I would recommend that a flexibility additive is added to inks, and powder adhesives based on polyester or, even better, polyurethane be used to maximise the stretch. Printers may even need to consider adjusting artworks during the origination stage to allow for any distortion caused by the sleeve stretching. This will allow for a much better reproduction of images once the sleeve is being worn.

“There is a plethora of different vinyls and digital print media now and I would recommend that printers discuss the flexibility of products with their supplier whilst explaining what the requirements are.”