French supplier Promattex has unveiled a new direct-to-film (DTF) digital printer that creates transfers for garment decoration.

The roll-fed N4060 digital printer, with a sprinkler tunnel and powder drying machine, can print visuals up to 560mm wide, creating film that can be easily applied to clothing, caps and other textile-based substrates using a heat press.

According to Promattex, the prints are “soft and elastic to touch” with “excellent” resistance to washing. It has highlighted that the DTF printer is suited for printing garments on demand, from small to large volumes.

The N4060 is described as a “combination of digital printing and screen printing” as it provides “excellent” colour rendering with the strength and durability of screen printing.

Using CMYK plus white, it features a large inking system in refillable cans. After the visual is reproduced on film, the ink is coated in powdered glue in the sprinkler tunnel. Excess glue is removed automatically and it is finished under heat lamps.

The printer itself is 196.2cm long, 138.5cm high and 138.6cm deep. It is currently capable of producing up to 4.21 square metres per hour. The sprinkler tunnel measures 90cm by 100cm by 110cm.

The new machine was showcased at Fespa Global Print Expo in Amsterdam this month.

Made in China, the machine is currently distributed by Promattex in parts of mainland Europe but it is seeking distribution in the UK. For now, it is offering the N4060 for sale direct to UK businesses.

Promattex DTF printer