Prism Inks is launching the “next generation” of inks, film and powder for direct-to-film (DTF) digital machines for garment printing.

Developed in the US, they will be under the TransferMate brand name and made available in markets around the world including the UK through the Graphics One distribution channel.

Prism Inks is introducing the new inks, film and powder because of the rapid growth of DTF printing, originally in the US and now taking off in the UK.

Amir Ajanee, president and CEO of Prism Inks, said: “Being one of the first American companies to manufacture an ink specific for the DTF technology, Prism Inks has made its offering even more complete with the additional development of specialised film and powder specifically for its DTF ink.

“Further, the methodology employed by the Prism Inks R&D team was that all of the consumable components must be matched in order to provide photographic quality and superior washability for on-demand output not achieved by other similar products.

“Our next-gen inks, film and powder provide supreme washability as good or better than DTG systems, the ability to image both vector and raster images with transfers as low as 5%, and the ability to transfer to a multitude of substrates with beautiful results. We believe our offering will become the standard for the DTF industry.”