Emilia Hepple, events and marketing manager at Stocks Sewing Machines, which manages the Print & Stitch Roadshows, reveals what visitors can expect to see at one of its 16 exhibitions in 2020

Emilia Hepple

How many exhibitors will be showing at the Print & Stitch shows?

We have a total of 15 exhibitors at each show this year.

Are there any new exhibitors for 2020?

Yes, we are welcoming Result Clothing, Stormtech Europe, Fruit of the Loom, Russell and Mantis World.

Will there be any new-for-2020 apparel or machinery on display?

Yes, Stocks has just launched the new Racer Classic multi-head embroidery machine by ZSK, which allows users to upgrade to multi-head machinery at an entry-level price. 

Wilcom will be showing the new EmbroideryStudio e4.5 and the new WiFi Connect Device. Resolute DTG will be demonstrating new RIP technology that maximises the speed and quality of the Ricoh Ri 1000 for garment decoration. Mantis World will be showing its new M01 and M02 Essential Organic Tees made from 100% organic Indian cotton, available in 12 colours and from sizes XS to 3XL. TheMagicTouch will be demonstrating the new Graphtec CE7000 series plotter with barcode data management, which allows cutting different data sequentially by detecting the ‘start mark’ of the new barcode. Madeira will be showing its new easy-to-use CR40 and thicker CR20 metallic threads, and the new 15cm2 magnetic snap frames. Plus, I am sure more new products will be available from the other exhibitors.

Will there be any hands-on demos for visitors?

Yes, all of our exhibitors welcome visitors to look at their equipment and products, with live demonstrations available throughout the day.

What sets the Print & Stitch shows apart from the other industry trade shows and roadshows?

Our aim was to create a small, intimate roadshow that allowed the industry-leading suppliers to be able to visit customers across the UK to demonstrate their products. Many customers cannot travel across the UK for a one-to-one demonstration, therefore we decided to bring the equipment to the customers. It’s all about keeping that relationship with customers and giving them as many opportunities as possible to be able to speak with us face to face.

How will the shows reflect the current key trends in the garment decoration industry?

This year is all about sustainability, and many of the exhibitors will be showcasing new products that fit into this. Mantis World’s DNA is sustainability. It will be showing garments that are completely traceable, something we recognise is a growing concern in our industry. With a quick scan of the QR code in the label, you can see the impact of this particular garment in comparison to conventional cotton. Beechfield has a recycled story within its BagBase range that is made from 100% recycled polyester. 

There will be 15 exhibitors at each show in 2020

Russell has launched a contemporary collection of great quality Pure Organic garments for 2020 including tees, polos and sweats. BTC Activewear will be showcasing a range of new, organic, retail-quality products from B&C, including a luxurious hoodie in men’s and women’s sizes.

Why did you choose these locations and times?

We wanted to visit all four corners of the UK so that everyone will have a show that is no further than three hours away. Many locations throughout the UK have more than one show near them too, so visitors have a choice of dates for their convenience. We have changed the times of the shows to 10am-4pm as this has been the peak time for visitors from the past couple of years.

Why should Images readers attend a roadshow – what’s in it for them?

The shows are packed with the leading suppliers, so there is something for everyone. Also, it’s a great opportunity to visit suppliers, get live demonstrations of equipment and start building B2B and B2C relationships.


The first Print & Stitch Roadshow for 2020 is in Aberdeen on 18 March. A full list of the shows and a visitor registration form is available on the Print & Stitch website.