Whether it’s pedigree pups or mangy mutts, decorators’ dogs are valued members of staff at embroidery and print shops from Barking to Furness. This week we have Lyra, Dug, Frodo, Tiggy and Sprocket from Warrah Workshop, Falkland Islands

[L-R] Lyra, Dug, Frodo, Tiggy and Sprocket

Full names: Lyra, Dug, Frodo, Tiggy and Sprocket

Breeds: Lyra is a collie-cross, Dug is a Labrador, and Frodo, Tiggy and Sprocket are all lurchers. There‘s lots of space at Warrah hence the number of hounds, and the dogs are all rescues or rehomes.

Age: Lyra and Frodo are both seven years old, Dug is eight, Tiggy is 12 and Sprocket is three 

Jobs: Lyra is lead tennis ball- herder, Dug is cake hound, Frodo is a black belt sofa hog who specialises in end- of-working-day notification, Tiggy is chief sun-worshipper and Sprocket is in charge of controlling pests, especially Jonny rooks [aka striated caracara, a bird of prey].

Favourite colour: #4e4424 olive drab, because visiting military personnel are admired for their tennis ball- throwing prowess.