Whether it’s pedigree pups or mangy mutts, decorators’ dogs are valued members of staff at embroidery and print shops from Barking to Furness. This month we have Mr Bojangles and Morticia from Yorkshire Tee in Sheffield

Bo (left) plans his next dance moves while Morticia daydreams about puddles of ink

Full names: Mr Bojangles (aka Bo) and Morticia (aka Titch)

Breed: Chihuahua (Bo) and pug (Titch)

Age: Bo is two and a half, and Morticia is three years old

Time at company: Two and a half and three years respectively

Job title: Welcoming committee

Job description: Both Bo and Morticia are fully trained in greeting customers with a smile and ensuring that all staff members get their daily cuddles. They are also responsible for checking that their dog beds are comfortable enough to nap on every day

Special skills: Bo is a very talented dancing dog and food connoisseur. Morticia is expertly trained in giving puppy eyes and finding any unused ink we may have missed… by rolling in it.

Favourite colour: Bo’s favourite colour is khaki. Morticia’s favourite is pink.


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