Our March 2024 issue marks our 100th Print Shop Pooch column – a landmark in canine-centred journalism!

Since the inimitable Pooh from Monster Press starred in the very first column in October 2015, each issue we’ve hounded (sorry) garment decorators to feature their dogs and share their work tails (again, sorry!) in Images.

It’s one of the most popular sections of the magazine, with countless readers telling us it’s the first place they turn to when they paws (last one, promise) from their work for a cuppa and read through their favourite trade mag.

To all the dogs that have taken part over the years, and their owners: you’re all barking mad and we are very grateful for that. Thank you for providing much fun, fur and humour, and here’s to the next 100.

Introducing our 100th Print Shop Pooch: the magnificent Meryl Streep from Printigo in Birmingham!

Full name: Meryl Streep

Breed: Miniature dachshund

Age: Just over two years old

Time at company: Two years – we started her young!

Job title: Printigo pup

Job description: Her job includes meet and greet, security and model (she has starred on our billboard)

Special skills: Being small enough to fit under the cupboards and shelves and clear out anything that’s fallen under them.

Favourite colours: 368 C, because that’s the Printigo logo colour.


Meryl joins her favourite furry friends on Printigo’s Mumbles POS stand

Meryl joins her favourite furry friends on Printigo’s Mumbles POS stand

Print Shop Pooch Meryl Streep at computer

Meryl takes her customer service role very seriously

Print Shop Pooch Meryl Streep in size '6XL'

Size is in the eye of the beholder!

A very welcome return…
#1 Print Shop Pooch: Pooh from Monster Press!

In 2015, Pooh became our first-ever Print Shop Pooch. Hers were some of the funniest photos we have ever received, as we would expect from the crew at Monster Press!

Pooh has now reached the grand old age of 16, reports Will Petersen of Monster Press, and is happily retired.

“She has calmed down a lot since her rumbunctious younger years of tackling Gildan box agility courses and scurrying. She now spends her days snuffling for crumbs and kicking back and taking it easy.”

Pooh in 2015

Pooh in 2015

Print Shop Pooch Pooh kicks back with a well earned bevvy after a long shift

Pooh kicks back after a long shift

Print Shop Pooch Pooh indulging in some slightly suspicious web browsing

Pooh browsing the web ‘for research’

Now retired, Pooh in 2024

Now retired, Pooh in 2024