Whether it’s pedigree pups or mangy mutts, decorators’ dogs are valued members of staff at embroidery and print shops from Barking to Furness. This month we have Harper from Midwest Machinery, Manchester

Selling embroidery machines is exhausting work

Age: 15 months

Time at company: Three months

Job title: Director of Happiness and Feel Good Factor

Job description: To bring a ray of sunshine to the office, make people smile and feel happy (unless I drool on them… not good… not good at all), high-five guests and staff, and translate Italian to English for our Italian customers

Special skills: High-fives, pulling my owner’s arm under my chin when I am sleeping, drooling, snoring loudly and being able to make everyone go ‘Ahhhh!’

Favourite colour: Pantone 219 Pink of course. I’m a lady!


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