An “augmented reality” 3D option has been added for Shopify merchants selling garments through print-on-demand specialist Printful.

Shopify’s 3D product model feature helps merchants to present garments in three dimensions so shoppers can see them from all angles. The e-commerce platform has found that 3D models have increased their merchants’ online sales by up to 250%.

Printful, which is based in the US and Latvia but last year set up a UK fulfilment centre in Wolverhampton, is said to be the first garment print-on-demand service to provide this feature to merchants.

The new feature is currently available only for stores integrated with Shopify but Printful plans to offer augmented reality (AR) solutions to merchants across other platforms once similar features become available.

Niks Evalds, Printful’s head of product, said the 3D feature increased buying confidence and created an “engaging shopping experience for customers”, allowing merchants to stand out from other sellers.

“The 3D product model feature offers a full 360-degree view of the product in a set environment so buyers can get a better idea of how products will look in real life. Letting customers visualise products in a real-life setting helps shoppers picture the items’ sizes and design details.”