Industry distributor Prestige Leisure has unveiled its new and improved website.

A significant milestone for the company, it has been carefully designed to be as user-friendly as possible for customers.

“At Prestige Leisure, we have invested significantly in this redesign and want to be the hub for marketing assets and industry knowledge as well as a resource for all your stock needs,” stated the company.

“We understand the importance of being a go-to resource for our customers and their business, and we hope our revamped website reflects that.” 

The goal, notes the company, is to give customers a seamless online experience. “We want you to easily navigate through the site, accessing a host of resources and services that cater specifically to your needs.

“This launch is a result of not only our dedication to listening to our customers but also our desire to provide an easy-to-use platform that adds value to your business. The website features a modern design, seamless navigation, and a host of offerings ranging from marketing assets and brand imagery to industry information and expert insights in the form of blogs.”

Prestige continued: “This is just the first stage of our digital transformation journey, and we cannot wait to take you all along with us on the rest. We want to continually refine and develop the business digitally and our customers’ feedback will play a crucial role in this.”

The new site can be found at