From carousels and hybrids to inks and consumables, check out our annual round-up of the latest screen printing machinery and equipment from industry suppliers

I-Sub: Roq Eco

The Roq Eco is a high-production carousel screen printing machine able to print up to 1,200 pieces per hour, explains I-Sub.

“This is due to its extremely agile, machine-control software, allied to a fast and precise rotation system.”

The Roq Eco ranges from a minimum of 12 pallets up to a maximum of 20 pallets, and from a minimum of one colour up to 18 colours. Its print area is available from 450 x 550mm up to a maximum of 800 x 1,100mm.

The Roq Eco can print up to 1,200 pieces per hour, says I-Sub

Due to its independent print head elevation feature, the Roq Eco can also be used with RoqFlock and RoqFoil modules to create a complete solution for all kinds of print shops, adds I-Sub.

“The biggest difference when compared to the rest of our machine catalogue is that the Roq Eco allows for parameterization of the number of passes, and flooding through an HMI panel located on the print head.

“This robust and reliable machine further boasts highly reduced maintenance, and comes with a three-year warranty.”

Aeoon Technologies: Kyo Hybrid

Aeoon says the Kyo Hybrid is an all-rounder, combining screen printing with all the benefits and innovations of the manufacturer’s direct-to-garment (DTG) printing systems.

“The combination of these two printing methods opens up a new world of possibilities, advantages and innovations: the printing of colours, for example, which could prove themselves to be difficult to create with a standalone DTG printer, can be printed easily, and printing on complex textiles is no longer an issue.

Aeoon says the Kyo Hybrid combines screen printing with the benefits of its DTG printing systems

“One of the biggest benefits is the reduced consumption of white ink, and therefore lower costs.

“You’re able to do individual print jobs, but also long runs, which makes the Hybrid an ideal solution for companies with high-volume production needs.

“Through our specially developed KyoToScreen concept, the most efficient workflow for the combination of screen printing and DTG printing can be achieved — its one-step screen preparation and precise screen positioning guarantees the seamless integration of both printing techniques,” concludes Aeoon.

Exile Technologies: FreeStyler 2 Computer to Screen System

The new FreeStyler 2 Computer to Screen System offers textile screen printers an affordable and cost-effective route into a computer-to-screen-based workflow, says Exile Technologies.

Replacing the original FreeStyler DTS system, it offers “a new industrial all-metal design, and upgraded mechanics and electronics for improved precision and reliability”, whilst retaining its “low-cost disposable print cartridge design for low-maintenance operation”.

The new FreeStyler 2 supports screen frames up to 40 x 26”

“The FreeStyler 2 is configurable with one or two print cartridges that can be swapped out in seconds, with each cartridge capable of producing 50+ typical T-shirt images,” adds Exile. “It also now supports bi-directional print modes, which translates into increased imaging speeds of nearly 50%.

“This frees screen printers from having to perform manual and labour-intensive film registration, instead the image stencil is digitally printed and registered directly on a normal emulsion-coated screen.

“After imaging, the screen is ready for immediate exposure on the optional Expose DTS Under-Counter UV-LED Exposure system, and without the need for a glass or vacuum — after exposure the water-based ink washes off quickly and easily along with the unexposed emulsion.”

The FreeStyler 2 supports screen frames up to 40 x 26” (105 x 66cm) with a 29 x 20” (735 x 505mm) maximum imaging area on screen, and comes with the ScreenMaker RIP, an OEM version of CadLink’s FilmMaker RIP software.

MHM Direct GB: S-Type Xtreme

MHM Direct GB says it supplies a comprehensive range of quality screen printing presses – from ASPE Rapid Tag printers, through Vastex manual carousels, to the flagship MHM Synchroprint 5000 fully automated press.

The presses are complemented by the ‘gold-standard’ Tesoma range of gas-heated conveyor dryers along with electric textile dryers from Chiossi E Cavazzuti and Vastex, plus an extensive range of ancillaries and automated screen making/reclaiming equipment.

The S-Type Xtreme offers production speeds of up to 1,600 pieces per hour, says MHM Direct GB

“MHM presses are renowned for their performance, reliability and superior build quality,” says MHM Direct GB, adding that the S-Type Xtreme continues to be one of the most popular choices in the company’s range.

The press offers “extremely fast” servo-driven indexing and high production speeds (MHM reports production speeds of up to 1,400 pieces per hour) and benefits from the M-Touch Pro tablet-style main command unit with fingertip controls for all main operator functions. The models available range from eight pallets (printing a maximum of six colours) up to 18 pallets (printing a maximum of 16 colours).

“The eight-station/six-colour specification gives smaller customers and tote bag printers (who require super-fast production rates) access to the superior time-saving features and high production speeds normally associated with larger presses,” the company notes.

Screen Print World: M&R Copperhead Pro Max

The new M&R Copperhead Pro Max comes with an in-built squeegee pressure equaliser system, making reproduction of the same colours and jobs easier without high-skilled labour requirements, says Screen Print World (SPW).

“Manual adjustments are no longer required, as the equaliser system automatically balances the print head pressure.

“Even ink deposition and equal pressure on all four corners maintains consistent and precise printing.”

The new M&R Copperhead Pro Max features an in-built squeegee pressure equaliser system

The Copperhead Pro Max comes with lightweight honeycomb pallets with soft top rubber pads to avoid overheating after flashing, which is key for printers using water-based or discharge inks, adds SPW.

“The rubber’s compression allows the garment weave to flex and stretch when the squeegee presses it into the rubber. This stretch behaviour provides for better penetration of the ink into the garment, thus increasing the ‘hand’ quality and durability of your print,” it explains.

“The rubber also acts to reduce mesh degradation and emulsion breakdown, and will require less overall screen attention during a print run.”

The Copperhead Pro Max is compatible with the Tri-Loc system, which “further minimises set-up, and maximises run times and productivity”. Other features include electric print heads, pneumatic frame locks and tool-free squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments, plus independent squeegee/flood speeds.

Adelco: Cyclone Automatic Screen Printing Press

“This range is based upon robust, heavy duty foundations to which bespoke lightweight aluminium extrusions and precision CNC parts are fitted with meticulous attention to detail,” says Adelco, while the advanced control system enables the Cyclone to run “pinpoint accuracy at extreme speeds, whilst still offering incredible value for money”.

Available in three print sizes, the Cyclone has a pinpoint registration of <+ 0.02mm and is “capable of speeds in excess of 1,000 pieces per hour”.

The Cyclone has a pinpoint registration of <+ 0.02mm, says Adelco

“It has an individual, horizontal screen lift on each print head, plus optional built-in LED lights integrated into the print heads.”

The automatic screen printing press features standard solid high-grade lightweight CNC aluminium pallets with a unique tool-free, quick-release system.

The Cyclone has an HD touchscreen interface incorporating advanced features, a simple set-up and full machine self-diagnosis, with various high-speed digital hybrid options, as well as ‘auto-start’, ‘stop’, ‘sample’ and ‘rotovate flash’ programmes.

Other features include a load delay foot pedal and twin chopper squeegee pressure cylinders with tool-free adjustment.

The Cyclone includes an automatic, high-lift screen system that provides easy screen cleaning access and loading of flashes into any print head position, adds Adelco.

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