Laura Dutton, from Premier Workwear, shares a handy ‘five things to think about when choosing your uniform’ tip sheet for garment decorators to give to their beauty and spa customers

1. Dress to impress:
Your staff are the best walking-talking advertisement for your business so you must make sure that they are dressed to impress and create the best possible first impression of your business.


2. Get everyone involved
Everyone has their own ideas about fashion so get your team together and brain-storm some ideas about styles and colours that would work for them both practically and aesthetically.


3. Colour is king
Look at the colours used across your interiors or company logo and use pops of this colour in your uniform to create streamlined look. Focus on one or two main colours – any more can create an impression of chaos.


4. Mix and match
Ensure you have the right uniform for the job. What is suitable for a hair stylist may not be suitable for an aesthetics nurse. With Premier you can have a mix of styles but still have the same colour theme running throughout. All our beauty tunics, tabards, aprons, blouses and polos are made using the same Pantone reference so you won’t get any unsightly clashing of colour.


5. Feel good factor
A uniform can help employees gain a sense of unity and belonging, as well as promoting an ethic of teamwork through everyone sporting the same great look.