Premier Workwear has launched a range of special edition workwear treated with the anti-microbial technology HeiQ Viroblock.

HeiQ Viroblock is an advanced technology that makes fabric resistant to microbes and germs, and has been tested effective against SARS-CoV-2 (virus causing Covid-19) in independent third-party institutes of virology.

The new HeiQ Viroblock collection from Premier Workwear includes the 3 Layer Face Mask (PR994), Touch Gloves (PR998), Bib Apron (PR996), the Unisex Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (PR995) and the Unisex Long Sleeve Polo Shirt (PR997).

The garments are ideal for those working in cleaning and hygiene roles, healthcare, hospitality, transport, logistics and warehousing, and supermarkets, explained the company.

“The HeiQ Viroblock technology is also not disrupted by heat applications, so you can brand this collection, safe in the knowledge that you’re not affecting the fabric performance.”

Laura Dutton, marketing executive at Premier Workwear, commented: “We recognise how important it is for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to enhanced hygiene practices, and to provide reassurance to their employees and customers.

“With this in mind, we sought to produce a collection of styles that are treated with the HeiQ Viroblock technology, so staff can work with confidence.”

Premier Workwear’s HeiQ Viroblock collection is exclusively available through Ralawise, PenCarrie and Prestige Leisure.

Premier Workwear’s 3 Layer Face Mask, Touch Gloves and Unisex Long Sleeve Polo Shirt are treated with HeiQ Viroblock