A new direct-to-film (DTF) kit is to be launched by PPS Innovations in partnership with Kodak, making it possible to produce heat transfers with direct-to-garment (DTG) equipment.

The new DTF Kit will consist of a modular heat-controlled platen, printable transfer sheets, a TPU powder glue for applying with a shaker and a PPS Melt Box.

It opens up new possibilities for DTG equipment, which normally can be used for printing onto fabrics which must lie flat in order to pass through the printer. Instead, the DTF Kit will make it possible to carry out indirect printing on items such as caps and bags.

The heat-controlled platen stabilises the ink during printing, reducing colour bleed on the film which in turn improves both image and transfer quality.

The TPU powder glue is optimised to reduce static on the printable film, ensuring accurate glue-to-ink adhesion and flexibility in fabric types for embellishment.

The PPS Melt Cure box is a heat-adjustable and timer-controlled unit that cures the printed film and glue before pressing.

The DTF Kit, which will be available in the UK via YES Group (Your Embroidery Services Ltd), is designed to work with most DTG printer brands, printing on both natural and synthetic fabrics. It can also be used with Kodak’s DTF specific ink-set.

PPS Innovations’ CEO, Steve Richardson, said: “The DTF Kit was specifically designed by both PPS Innovations and Kodak to enable decorators to get the best results from indirect transfer printing.

“The DTF Kit enables the user to decorate a greater range of both natural and synthetic fabrics which potentially opens up new business opportunities.

“A distinct benefit of indirect transfer printing is the ability to decorate synthetic fabrics including sportswear and outdoor wear and the ability to embellish difficult surfaces like caps and bags which can have curves and flaps making it impractical for direct printing.

“Additionally, transfers can be printed and cured ready for application when required offering greater versatility around production schedules.

“In essence, the DTF Kit will greatly benefit DTG users and comes with the backing of both PPS Innovations and Kodak.”

PPS Innovations, formerly PTM Innovations and part of Pigmentinc, specialises in developing and manufacturing industrial digital products for the textile printing sector. Its other products include the T-Fold automatic garment folding machine.