Polyprint has announced the launch of its new pretreatment machine for direct-to-garment printing.

The PreTreater Pro has a 41x60cm true spray area with four nozzles, and a 7” colour touch screen with intuitive messages and a notification system to help avoid user errors.

It also features a precise spray area selection with linear (min. 10x1cm) and grid (min. 15x10cm) edit modes, to help users only spray the desired area and save on liquids, said the company.

George Benglopoulos, CEO of Polyprint, commented: “PreTreater Pro is simple to use and has been created after careful consideration of customer needs. It’s designed to offer consistent pretreatment every time, on every T-shirt.”

The pretreatment machine offers accurate liquid quantity selection per 1 ml, with advanced job and liquid consumption calculators for keeping track of production.

It’s also two liquid supported with an automatic liquid switch and a simple cleaning procedure, with a ‘scan-to-spray’ automation feature, which stores the spray area and liquid quantity used.

The barcode-ready machine also features an easy access, tank storage compartment with four five-litre commercial replaceable tanks (two pretreat, one cleaner and one waste).

Head of research and development at Polyprint, Grigoris Gavrilidis, added: “Repeatability and consistency are the key to successful production runs. Its auto re-circulation system ensures liquid homogeneity and prevents sedimentation, prolonging liquid life span.

“Additionally, an anti-corrosion isolation chamber (box-in-a-box design) ensures that mist is contained, protecting mechanical and electronic parts, thus prolonging the machines lifespan.”

For further details contact Polyprint’s UK distributor, Amaya Sales UK.



The Pretreater Pro has an auto re-circulation system to ensure liquid homogeneity

The Pretreater Pro has four five-litre commercial replaceable tanks

It has a 7" touch screen

It has a 7″ colour touch screen