Printed with the new Oasis Intense high solids water-based ink series

PolyOne has launched Oasis Intense, its new high solids, aqueous ink series and the latest addition to its Wilflex Oasis non-phthalate, non- PVC screen printing ink portfolio.

According to the company, Oasis Intense gives a smooth, matte surface finish for overprint colours and virtually no after-flash tack, while “Oasis Intense White is optically bright and offers improved visual intensity.” Colour mixing capabilities include a mixing white in addition to the Wilflex Oasis Pigment Concentrate colour palette. This allows printers to match any custom or brand colour, and is available in IMS3.0 Mixing Software.“Existing plastisol users choosing to move to non-PVC chemistry will find Oasis Intense an easy transition to water-based printing due to its ability to rewet in the screen, extend open screen time, and fully cure inks for maximum graphic durability,” says Peter Juhl, senior industry manager, Specialty Inks and Polymer Systems, PolyOne Corporation. “Oasis Intense Black outperformed competitive offerings in jet black colour saturation and washfastness and is clearly the front runner to fighting fibrillation.”

Also new this year is the Wilflex IMS3.0, a cloud-based solution for managing colour and inventory.