PolyOne has announced that Ryonet, a supplier of screen printing equipment and supplies, will now be distributing Wilflex Epic inks. As part of the collaboration, Ryonet will be launching a new range of Wilflex co-branded inks called Ryonet Epic Lava.

Global marketing director for Wilflex Inks, Peter Juhl, said, “With this new relationship, entrepreneurial printers can now easily take advantage of our high quality products to help expand their businesses. As these printers grow, they are demanding higher performance from their inks. Together, Wilflex and Ryonet will be able to meet their needs.”

Ryan Moor, Ryonet founder and CEO, said, “The success of every screen printer is central to what we do. Starting from the moment we show how to flood a screen, to the presses built to last for generations, to the ink that decorates the shirt. This new collaboration with PolyOne will allow us to serve the textile printing market with industry-leading inks.”

The new textile inks will be launched at the upcoming SGIA show in Las Vegas, and will be available exclusively through Ryonet from September 14.