Digital printer manufacturer Pigment Inc has extended its range of machines for garment printing with a new desktop direct-to-film (DTF) printer.

The Merch Factory DTF QO-T printer has been introduced through Pigment Inc’s DTG Digital brand after the launch of the Q1-T Series DTF transfer printing system and Q1 Hybrid DTG and DTF printer.

The latest new system features a complete DTF production kit consisting of the QO-T printer, powder applicator, cure oven and Kodak DTF film, powder adhesive and DTF inks.

The QO-T is a desktop-format high-volume commercial DTF printer capable of printing full 40cm by 50cm (16 inch by 20 inch) DTF transfer sheets in under three minutes.

It has dual print heads for high-speed throughput and the printing hardware has the same industrial-grade features as the company’s successful Q Hybrid Series DTG/DTF Hybrid models.

The QO-T printer has a built-in vacuum platen to secure the DTF film sheets in place during the print cycle. This feature improves registration accuracy and ink droplet placement resulting in “best in class” DTF print quality.

Pigment Inc’s WIMS (White Ink Management System) automatically circulates, filters and pressurises white ink in the printer, reducing white ink maintenance. The auto white ink flush system refreshes all critical white ink components with touch-button control for predictable and repeatable white ink prints.

The new transfer inks are Oeko-Tex approved and designed to match the latest precision core print heads in relation to viscosity and temperature requirements to guarantee smoother brighter print results.

They are pre-degassed and available in user-replaceable one-litre bags for continuous, longer-run production.

The film and ink are coated and chemically matched for high release and have anti-static properties to ensure consistent reliable results.

The initial heat press transfer time is just 10 seconds with the final press decreased to 10 to 15 seconds at 145C to 160C (290F to 310F).

Pigment Inc CEO Steve Richardson said: “The Merch Factory simplifies DTF transfer printing further in a dedicated sheet format desktop style printer. It’s designed to fit into smaller spaces with a minimal approach to hardware requirements.

“It builds upon the success of the Q Hybrid Series DTG/DTF systems currently available and surpasses similar roll-to-roll systems when it comes to volume production.

“Faster print speed, intuitive operation and simplified maintenance are key features of the QO-T Printer. Additionally, the QO-T Printer is paired with Kodak consumables ensuring quality and consistency in the DTF film, inks and powder adhesives which in turn yield excellent transfer results.

“The Merch Factory positions garment and product decorators in prime position to acquire tailored DTF production equipment that enables businesses to expand the range of products that can be decorated in a compact easy to operate DTF setup.”