Pigment.Inc has launched its new fully automatic, desktop shirt folder.

The PTM Innovations T-Fold is designed to fold and present a shirt ready for bagging in four seconds, equating to 350 to 550 shirts per hour with one operator, depending on the fold cycle selected.

The desktop folding machine can be used for shirts from S-2XL, including long sleeve and collared shirts, as well as thicker garments such as hoodies. It also comes with a two-year warranty as standard.

“The T-Fold is portable, yet still industrial, and being all electric, can be run from a standard wall plug with no air requirement,” explained Marco Koolbergen, industrial products manager at Pigment.Inc.

“We see many uses for the PTM T-Fold, where multiple machines can be placed in line with finishing equipment to speed up the completed production cycle.

“Whether folding a few dozen or thousands, a professionally bagged and well folded shirt adds value to your image and professionalism.”