Pigment.inc B.V Europe has announced its partnership with the Eastman Kodak Company to distribute its Kodacolor RDTG Series direct-to-garment inks.

The new Kodacolor RDTG inks were specifically developed for direct-to-fabric printing on cotton, cotton blends and polyester fabrics, as well as printing directly on to finished garments or roll fabrics.

“The water-based ink system is designed to work in digital printers that employ piezo-electric printheads, and operate at a very high level of nozzle performance among printheads requiring mid-to-high viscosity inks,” explained Kodak.

“Although designed for use in production printing, [the inks are] suitable for high quality sampling and strike offs.”

Steve Richardson, CEO of Pigment.inc Europe, commented: “We are pleased to announce the distribution partnership with Kodak because we believe the high-quality solution offered by Kodacolor RDTG inks will greatly benefit our clients.”

The Kodacolor RDTG series inks are available directly from Pigment.inc Europe.