We all know that single-use plastics are bad news for the environment, which is why so many people are turning to reusable water bottles instead.

Now TheMagicTouch (TMT) is giving customers the opportunity to decorate and personalise vacuum bottles, using its image transfer process. We’ve received sample bottles and prints and we’re sold, with our Images-branded bottles a permanent fixture on our desks and on our person while we’re out and about. 

Full-colour designs can be applied using a traditional mug press, using the latest in white-toner technology together with the company’s established CPM transfer paper. TMT explains that unlike sublimation, the process is able to register white, so full-colour imaging is possible on any colour bottle. The average cost per print is less than 25p per bottle, and it takes less than two minutes to produce. Using the TMT transfer process means that there’s a minimum order quantity of one, which makes it easier to sell and market personalised bottles to your target customers.

The bottles themselves have an insulated food grade stainless steel layer with an insulated liner, which keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold, for up to 12 hours. They are easy to clean, rust- proof and leak-proof, with a wide, drip- free mouth opening. They’re available from all the major trade promotional suppliers, online suppliers and high street retailers in the UK, including Wilko.

Jim Nicol, managing director, commented: “Until now the choice of technology available to decorate different colour mugs and drinks bottles has been restricted either to traditional screen/pad printing or more recently using UV printers; however, what we offer is an affordable, quick and very durable solution assisting customers to increase the range of products possible using the TMT/Oki white-toner technology”.