These personalised denim jackets were embroidered by Hand & Lock as part of a collaborative project with Amazon Fashion and were gifted to singers Rita Ora, Anne-Marie and Jorja Smith

“Amazon Fashion approached us and asked if we’d like to take part in an event called Destination Denim, in Kuehlhaus, Berlin,” says Ella Yeoman, events co-ordinator and PR at Hand & Lock. “As well as creating these jackets we were asked to provide a customisation service. Amazon wanted the event to be as hands-on as possible so we also ran workshops where we taught guests how to rip, stud and stitch onto their own denim pieces.”

Together with the design team at Amazon, Hand & Lock decided to decorate a denim jacket from Amazon’s own label, Find. “We created a beautiful selection of embroideries to make a great impact and sum up Hand & Lock,” explains Ella. “Each of the jackets had embroideries on the front and a statement handmade bee was central to the back, under the embroidered name. We used a mixture of digital machine patches, hand-embroidered goldwork pieces and machine-embroidered names on back.”

The badges and embroidered names were created with Madeira Classic threads using a Brother PR1000e 10-needle embroidery machine. “Each name took about 20 minutes to digitise and another 20 minutes to embroider,” explains Ella. “The patches were all pre-made but it took us five days to stitch on every piece, as well the hand embroidery and the studding, which was also done by hand.”

The three artists who received the personalised jackets were performing at the event, so the jackets were a gift from Amazon to say thank you for performing. Ella says: “Rita Ora, Anne-Marie and Jorja Smith absolutely loved their jackets, and the guests who visited us at the pop-up enjoyed learning how to give their old denim a new lease of life.”

Guests were taught how to rip, stud and stitch

Rita Ora’s personalised jacket with bee motif

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