PenCarrie has become a distributor for the Stormtech brand of technical outerwear and apparel in the UK.

The supplier was appointed by Stormtech Europe to help the brand expand in the UK market, and it increases the range of performance outerwear offered by Devon-based PenCarrie.

It will distribute a selection of Stormtech’s best-selling technical outerwear and apparel collections across seven categories including its technical bags and backpack collection from July.

Stormtech’s founder Blake Annable, president and CEO of Stormtech Europe, said: “PenCarrie has over 30 years of experience in the promotional apparel industry, with a reputation for excellent customer service and expedited fulfilment services.

“We are looking forward to working with the PenCarrie team headed by Nicci Gratwicke, Tony Lock and director of sales Mike Symons, and, of course, the business development team, as we continue the growth of the Stormtech brand in the UK market.”

Andrew Kouroushi, director of sales UK and northern Europe at Stormtech Europe, added: “Personally, I am delighted to welcome on board PenCarrie to the portfolio of Stormtech distributors. PenCarrie has an exceptional reputation for service in the UK market, as do the business development team.

“The Stormtech brand continues to grow in Europe and aligning with PenCarrie further enhances our offering in the UK, giving the resellers an even greater selection of products and enabling them to find and purchase our collection more easily. We are really looking forward to getting started.”

PenCarrie’s owner, Nicci Gratwicke, said: “We are very excited to be distributing Stormtech into the UK market. The brand adds a further dimension to the products that we are offering in this category and expands the choice we can offer to our customers.

“We are looking forward to working with Andrew Kouroushi and the wider Stormtech team over the coming months in bringing this product to the PenCarrie customer base.”