PCIAW’s Uniform Buyers Network has introduced a new match-making service for buyers and suppliers within the workwear, corporatewear, personal protective equipment (PPE) and accessories sectors.

“The Uniform Buyers Network identified many sustainability challenges faced by key players within this rapidly evolving global business sector,” explained PCIAW, “and have generated solutions to enable buyers and suppliers to work together collaboratively to utilise the latest advances in garment science and technology.”

PCIAW has also partnered with Business in the Community (BITC) to help buyers find suppliers who can deliver on their sustainability requirements, and so “drive forward sustainable clothing procurement policies with the industry”.

Peter Belk, director of Business in the Community, commented: “The match-making platform is the ideal place to trial and implement the sustainable procurement principles developed by BITC and PCIAW, in consultation with buyers and suppliers from across the sector.”

The new initiative will see financial and business evaluation specialists Plimsoll Published Ltd providing financial and market data reports on suppliers before they are matched to buyers — this is designed to “save time for buyers researching the market for compatible business partners, and aims to help forge trust and transparency quickly between both parties”.

“Developing creditable partnerships in the industry is key to enabling the efficient sourcing of sustainable, recyclable, resource-efficient uniforms with accuracy and consistency of global sizing and design,” added Yvette Ashby, CEO of PCIAW.

“Procurement teams are striving to work towards their sustainability targets and their focus is now turning to uniforms to mitigate against landfill dumping at a garment’s end-of-life,” added the PCIAW.

“The NatWest Group is one of principle partners for the COP26 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow in November 2021, and plan to launch a new sustainable uniform in 2022 — they’re enthused by the work between PCIAW and BITC on educating about the importance of redesigning, reusing and recycling uniforms.”

Whitney Cathcart, co-founder and CSO of 3DLook, said she had had “the honour and pleasure of working with the amazing proactive team at PCIAW for over a year, and couldn’t be happier with the results”.

“The team’s strong network, consistent industry news updates and solid reputation helped 3DLook to connect with the key players of the uniform market, as well as create buzz while working on several thought leadership pieces.

“We believe that PCIAW’s new match-making platform has the potential to completely transform current workwear procurement policies, promote sustainability, forge trust and transparency within the industry.

“As PCIAW’s Trusted Member, 3DLook is very excited about this continual initiative and looks forward to its launch.”