Winning an award can have incredible benefits for a business, both internal and external.

Not only will you probably have a fantastic awards ceremony to attend, but as a winner your business brand will be catapulted into the spotlight, probably displayed on a large screen at the event and the PR and promotional opportunities that will follow offer huge business development opportunities for you. Internally, it can boost employee morale, making them feel part of something bigger and more successful. Externally, it’s a wonderful selling tool to be able to say to customers and suppliers: “We’re an award-winning business”.

You know yourself when you choose a bottle of wine from the supermarket shelf your attention is drawn to those with the gold and silver medal awards labels! Don’t enter just any award, though, make sure it is relevant to your industry and your company in order to get the most from it. Even if you don’t win, the experience of focusing on all the positive aspects of your business and its achievements is great for your team morale and even helps to pinpoint individual recognition that you may otherwise have missed.

What should you consider if you decide to enter? First of all, it is essential you review the entry categories carefully to ensure you meet all the specified criteria. For any entry in any industry awards, consider what exactly it is that makes your product or service unique or different. Is it already achieving high acclaim by its users or wearers? It is always great to add supporting feedback and real comments. How did you come up with the idea in the first place? What’s the story behind it? People love to hear about how things came to be, hardships overcome and triumphs that bring benefits to others.

It takes a lot of time and effort to put an entry together – don’t rush it, it will show! The more the judges can understand and associate with your entry, the greater your chance of winning: make it engaging and educational, and include emotion. Finally, whether you win or not, at global industry award ceremonies such as the Professional Clothing Awards (PCA) you can utilise the award ceremony itself, or the evening celebrations, as an opportunity to network. Remember, it may be the only event that brings that specific industry together to celebrate excellence and innovation, applaud remarkable achievements and offer you the opportunity to meet and mingle with potential customers as well as new suppliers in a relaxed environment.

The 10th Annual PCA awards takes place on 19 June 2019 at the Montcalm Marble Arch. 


Charlotte Jay is a board member of the PCIAW, the only UK and worldwide association dedicated exclusively to the professional clothing industry, its supply chain and associated industries.