A new partnership with Secabo brings B-Flex HTV users a range of “superbly engineered” modular heat presses

Secabo has expanded its UK market reach by partnering with Papergraphics to supply its heat presses to Papergraphics’ 2,000+ UK customer base of print service providers (PSPs).

Papergraphics is working closely with Secabo and Italian heat transfer vinyl (HTV) manufacturer B-Flex to develop a new service and supply garment decoration materials and equipment. With nearly 40 years of experience in the large format marketplace, Papergraphics focuses on finding opportunities for its customers to grow and diversify their businesses, and the company states that “Heat transfer vinyl for garment personalisation is a perfect fit!”

Alistair Travis, business development manager at Papergraphics, says: “B-Flex heat transfer vinyl combined with Secabo’s superbly engineered machinery is an ideal match. HTV dovetails perfectly with other digital print and large-format graphic applications. Many PSPs already offer this service to some extent. With Papergraphics’ sales and technical support, we will help make garment personalisation an easy win for our customers!”

From Lite to Smart, Secabo heat presses are modular and designed to expand to accommodate your business needs intelligently. The most popular heat presses in the Secabo range are its TC Lite and TC Smart Series modular presses. They also come with an intelligent range of accessories for enhanced and expanded productivity.

TC Lite Series

Available with 38cm x 38cm or 40cm x 50cm base plates, the modular TC5 and TC7 Lite Series of automatic toggle presses offer an excellent entry-level solution for a diverse range of work. Simple electronic controls with an automatic release mechanism make the TC series of heat presses perfect for growing businesses.

“Additionally, you can equip and upgrade these presses with the ever-popular Secabo quick-change system and interchangeable plates of varying sizes to cover most jobs,” notes Papergraphics. As demand increases, you can also update the TC Series heat presses into twin base-plate presses with the Secabo slide extension accessory.

TC Smart Series

“If, however, you’re looking to start with the Smart choice to grow your garment personalisation business, choose a press from the Secabo TC5 and TC7 Smart Series range,” Papergraphics recommends. “Available with 38cm x 38cm or 40cm x 50cm base plates, the Secabo TC5 and TC7 Smart Series clamshell heat presses open new, innovative workflows for even better performance.

“The Secabo TC Smart Series heatpresses introduced new capabilities to the heat press market. Along with its successful automatic knee-lever, intelligent display functions, and intuitive control, the TC Smart Series comes equipped with a Bluetooth interface. Its free Secabo Smart Transfer App enables you to control the press while accessing a comprehensive database for precise, fast and efficient workflow.”

This functionality allows you to enter the type of fabric and transfer material you are using and immediately retrieve the matching combinations of temperature, time and pressure. Additional features, such as calculating heat-up times and warning functions, also make the Smart App a valuable assistant for all standard heat transfer methods, says the company.

As with the TC Lite Series, the Secabo Smart Series heat presses are also modular. You can enhance and expand the functionality of your press with the quick-change system, multiple plate sizes and the slide extension for adaptation into a twin base-plate press.

Extensive and modular

A hot tip from Papergraphics: “For accuracy, speed and efficiency, add Secabo’s new cross laser system to your press’s modular accessories for a textile-finishing workhorse!” Papergraphics adds that the hardest part of choosing a Secabo heat press to meet your particular needs is likely to be which model to choose!

“The Secabo range is extensive and modular. No matter your budget, expertise or business requirements, Secabo has the machine you need. We highly recommend organising some time with our team to run through your specific needs when selecting a heat press. You are also welcome to visit the Papergraphics customer experience centre in Crawley, Sussex, if you’d like to arrange a Secabo heat press demonstration.”