Colouring in the tees

Children from Prisons Primary School in Nakuru, Kenya, are now the proud owners of individually decorated Gildan T-shirts thanks to a generous donation from London-based PAG Leisurewear.

The T-shirts were given to PAG’s customer, Jan Pickett, who was visiting the school as part of a group of students and staff from Chichester College. The students have been working with the Kenyan charity The Walk Centre to help raise funds to build and decorate more classrooms in Nakuru.

Professional calligrapher and illustrator Jan took the T-shirts along with some fabric pens with her to the school. “Much of the group was renovating and decorating several other classrooms not fit for use at a nearby school called Prisons Primary School,” she explained. “I was involved in painting and drawing on the walls and any sign writing needed, along with some teaching, which was an absolute joy. On one of the school mornings, I had a class of 55 girls and boys aged between 7 and 13. I demonstrated and drew their names in large outline letters on the front surface [of the T-shirts], plus a big smiley face. The kids then spent several happy hours decorating the letters with patterns of animals – giraffe, zebras, etcetera – and anything else they wished. They absolutely got into the spirit and produced amazing results, with many decorating the reverse side as well!

“The children are overwhelmed when you give them something of their own, even a small pen or pencil, so to receive a new, decorated T-shirt was very special and their chorus of ‘thank yous’ when taking the photos was deafening!” exclaimed Jan.

The six smallest T-shirts were given to children aged three to six at the nearby Walk Centre.

PAG Leisurewear has offered to help with future trips, and is also currently contacting homeless charities in London as they have a few hundred pieces of excess underwear stock – underwear, apparently, is rarely donated and so is much needed.