PAG Leisurewear has donated 100 Gildan T-shirts to the Walk Centre, a not-for-profit organisation committed to helping the children and families of the Hilton slum area in Nakuru, Kenya. The donation is the third time PAG has provided T-shirts for its customer Jan Pickett to distribute when visiting Nakuru in Kenya. “Jan asked us if we could donate brightly coloured T-shirts,’ explains the company. “Gildan helped us by supplying us with enough to supply to Jan for her project.”

Jan reported that the children receiving the T-shirts were “thrilled and so very grateful”. She added: “Apart from the issue of a free school uniform and a meal of ugali and cabbage every day, they have little else to call their own. This is why PAG Leisurewear’s generous donations have had such a positive effect. The kids were over the moon that not only had they each been given something of their very own, but that it was absolutely brand new and especially for them.”