Do you know what the differences are between an Oxford shirt and a Poplin? Clare Dwyer, product manager at Kustom Kit, plays spot the difference and advises when to choose one or the other



Slim Fit Workwear Oxford Shirt (KK184)

It’s all down to the weave
The characteristic texture of the Oxford is achieved through the use of hardwearing, substantial yarns that are woven in a basket-weave construction. It is because of this weave that the Oxford is renowned for its durable properties.

The warmer option
The denser Oxford weave tends to be warmer than poplin shirt.

The Oxford is ‘the jeans’ of the shirt world
With a heavier look and textured surface, the Oxford has the versatility to also be worn more casually. Just like jeans, an Oxford shirt can be styled in many different ways and is suitable for a multitude of end uses.


Workforce Shirt (KK100) in poplin

A poplin is ideal option for smart business attire
The poplin fabric is produced using a simple over/under weave. The yarns tend to be finer and the weave is tighter than the Oxford. The resulting fabric has a smoother texture and offers increased softness and a better ability to drape.

Made for the office
The poplin shirt’s smart, polished look, makes it the ideal garment for officewear.

Lightweight contender
Poplin’s lightweight properties also make it great for layering under a sweater or suit jacket.