These brilliant T-shirts were created by Print. in Cannock, Staffordshire, for independent brand Outta This Town

The artwork was designed and drawn by graphic designer Jake Warrilow, who runs both Outta This Town and Gold Step Design, explains Chris Maddox, co-owner of Print. 

“The run was six T-shirts in total they were printed using direct-to-film (DTF), which I outsource to a local provider who specifically prints for businesses.”

“People love designs that have a really iconic, timeless feel, and it’s great to be able to provide designers like Jake with a platform to take these T-shirts from the computer to real life!”

The design was printed onto Stanley/Stella’s Rocker T-Shirts (SX087), supplied by Ralawise, using Resolute’s R-Jet Pro DTF Midi printer and consumables (DTF film, powder glue and inks) from Kodak.