Schoolwear specialist One+All has become a member of a network committed to making the north of England the best place for black people to work and run businesses.

The company, based in Stockport, south of Manchester, has joined BURN, the Black United Representation Network, which is working across all sectors in the region.

BURN was set up to make the north of England the best place in the UK for black people to work, for black-owned businesses to thrive and for businesses, charities and the public sector to drive meaningful change on race.

For One+All, membership is linked to the company’s commitment to sustainability. As a certified B Corporation, it has a corporate ethos of benefiting people, communities and the planet.

One+All’s colleague support director Nic Ryan said: “We’ve become a member of BURN to engage and learn more about the black business community in the north-west, to engage directly and support BURN’s aims to increase diversity and the opportunities for black people and businesses across the north-west.

“We have a strategic focus on understanding more about diversity and inclusivity. Our goal is to understand how a lack of diversity and inclusivity impacts individuals, communities and, ultimately, economic growth, and learn what changes and improvements we can make to have a positive impact locally.

“For example, we’re striving to be regarded as a diverse and welcoming employer where colleagues of all races, ethnicities and abilities feel valued and can do their best work.”

BURN was set up in 2020 by a group of successful black professionals including lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors and barristers.

It has highlighted how the potential benefit of diversity to the UK economy is £24billion but only 1.5% of senior roles are held by black people and there are no black leaders at FTSE 100 companies.