Machine: TexJet Echo

From Amaya

Louisa Sandford


Tell us a bit about your business
We’ve started an environmentally friendly, organic, vegan clothing brand. It was founded on the belief that our choices have an impact. We strive to make conscious and informed decisions for a sustainable future and a better now. We use organic and sustainable materials to create stylish tees people can be proud to wear.

What is the latest DTG machine that you have bought, and when did you buy it?
The TexJet Echo, roughly six weeks ago. We paid about £10k for it.

What other machines, if any, did you look at before purchasing this one?
We didn’t look at any other machines, this was the first one. This may sound hasty, but I was advised from two different friends of mine who run clothing companies and currently use this printer.

Is there anything you‘d like to see in an upgrade or don‘t particularly like about it?
We have only used it for two weeks properly – nothing springs to mind that it’s missing.

What’s it like to use? Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of it?
It’s easy to use after a few days, once you‘ve got the hang of it. Tips – sell as much as fast as you can so you have no choice but to get the most out of the machine!

What is it used for?
We are currently printing on white T-shirts.

What other machines do you have?
We don‘t have any other machines. This is a new business so this one machine currently services the orders. When the workload gets too much for one machine, I won’t hesitate to buy a second.

What would be your advice to others thinking of buying a DTG machine?
As with any start up, do your maths on the business and work out what you need to sell to service all costs associated with the printer. Create products you’re confident in. Understand the vision. If you believe it can work, go for it. Speak to Julian at Amaya regarding which printer is for your business, he’s very knowledgeable and helpful.

Tips – sell as much as fast as you can so you have no choice but to get the most out of the machine!