OHM Clothing has created a clothing line to promote The Great British Campout (GBCO), an initiative encouraging the UK public to ‘campout at home’ during the coronavirus lockdown to help raise money for the NHS.

The Swindon-based company has produced around 1200 hoodies and T-shirts for the GBCO so far, using the Lightweight Hooded Sweat (SS121) and the Iconic 150 T-shirt (SS621) from Fruit of the Loom.

Jemma Brown, sales and marketing director at OHM Clothing, said: “For us, it was deeply important that we remained as ethical as possible, keep the prices down and donate as much as we could to the cause, the NHS Charities Together, which The Great British Campout had chosen to support.

“We kept our prices sensible, £20 for a hoodie and £15 for a T-shirt, so the clothing was affordable, and enabled the brand to build and gave everyone access to it.

“The response has been incredible – and it’s still coming in, which, most importantly, means the donation to the NHS is continuing.”

The company said that £5 goes to charity for each of its GBCO hoodies, which have raised more than £6,000 to date.

Founded by Ian Alcorn, the GBCO encourages participants to donate the pitch fees they would have paid for camping grounds or caravan parks to the campaign.

Anthony Brown, co-founder of OHM Clothing, said: “I saw this campaign and talked to Ian about it. This seemed a great way to give back to the NHS and help them get through it too – and there’s no doubt it’s also saved our business and kept me going.

“The sheer numbers of orders of this amazing brand has meant a huge sum of money for the NHS, but has also meant we will get through this as a business.

“This has given us the idea of branching out to help as many charities as we can with a new venture too, it’s really quite mind-blowing.”

Anthony Brown, co-owner of OHM Clothing

Ian added: “Having the hoodies and other clothing items creates a sense of solidarity, raises extra money for the campaign and explains why a whole group of people are ‘camping out at home’. It allows us to come together.

“All of the money raised will go to NHS Charities Together, which will be helping at a time of crisis. It’s the least we can do”