Shay Colston of Evesham-based EHC Screenprinting is in Officer Down, which played its last ever gig in November. Signed to TNS Records (fans of this column will recall that the October Primal Screen artist, Faintest Idea, is signed to the same label), the band has called it a day as vocalist and guitarist Mike Gammon has moved to Bristol with his job in A&E, making rehearsals and gigs tricky.
Summing the band up as playing fast, melodic punk rock and “probably the worst band TNS Records ever signed”, Shay says a strong contender for the best band T-shirt he’s ever owned is his NOFX Murder The Government one.

Officer Down

Band File

Band name: Officer Down

Band members: Mike Gammon – vocals/guitars, Shay Colston – bass/vocals, Niall Jones – drums/vocals

Date formed: February 2005

Genre: Melodic Punk

Biggest musical influence: Strike Anywhere, Bad Religion, A Wilhelm Scream

Crowd pleasing tune: Open Waters

Best-ever gig: Zvera Festival in Latvia 2007 – it was so good to play a festival in a random country

Sum up your band in one sentence: Fast melodic punk rock – probably the worst band TNS Records ever signed

Best band moment/anecdote: Niall getting blind drunk in Pittsburgh. Man, he was feral

Your band T-shirt: Hand pulled by myself (Shay) using plastisol inks and cured on my Vastex belt dryer. I usually use Gildan Heavy cotton T-shirts.


We’re probably the worst band TNS Records ever signed!

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